Saturday, October 16, 2010

A True Hero

"We all look to them and see something great. We see something inspiring. Something amazing. We all pretend to be them at one time or another, wether it be a caped crusader, a larger than life athlete or a strong and courageous warrior who defends- at all costs the helpless and weak.

We all long to be the hero.... But why? What is it that makes us so intrigued with them. Is it their looks? Their wit? their braun? Sure, some of these things help make a great hero idolized. But thats only the icing on the cake. A hero is looked up to and dreamed of because of their heart, and the choices they make with it. They are Courageous, Bold and Defiant. They stand face to face with their enemies ready to fight with every bit of strength that they have... to uphold that which is good. You see, It is underneath all of the muscle, beauty, and strength that lies a true hero. It is the ordinary man or woman that is called to do a great thing, or carry a life altering burden. It is the ability to overcome, to adapt and to persevere that which they are called upon to do. Not their ability to fight or outlast their enemy. But their ability to choose the right course and not move from it, even when all around them seem to stand in their way. Their character is a magnetic force, it is what draws us to them. We look up to hero's because they make the decisions we desire to make. They are in fact a representation of what we can become, of who we are if we act on what we know is right. They are leaders through their heart, they are looked up to for their actions. They choose the right path no matter how hard or strong the adversity.

You see we are all hero's, the real question is wether or not we will be bold enough to act as true hero's do. Can you be amongst a crowd and yet stand completely apart from it? Can you lift hands that hang low or burdens that seem too heavy for one to carry? Can you look into the heart of a man and see him not for what he is, but for what he can be? Can you fight the influence of evil even if all around you seem to be ensnared in its grasp? And can you walk on paths less traveled... paths you know will lead to happiness and light, even if all around you seem to point and mock? ... Yes, you can. You are a hero no matter what you may think or how you may feel, you are a hero. You just may not know it yet."

Poem by Brett Smith

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